How to connect your Moonside devices to IFTTT.


Step 1.

Download Moonside iOS or Android app and pair your smartphone with Moonside devices.

Step 2.

  • Sign into you Moonside account on the app and synchronize your paired devices to your account.

  • In order to link your lamp to IFTTT, you will need to link your lamp to your Moonside account first in the Moonside app.

  • You can go to Settings > Account > Sync local devices to do so.

Step 3.

Connect your Moonside light to your local Wi-Fi network. Switch your Moonside light to Wi-Fi Cloud mode on the device setting page.

  • To connect the Moonside device with your Wi-Fi network in the Moonside App, you can go to Settings > Manage Devices > Your Device > Configure Device's Wi-Fi.

  • After your lamp is successfully connected to your Wi-Fi, you have to switch it to the Wi-Fi Cloud mode on your device settings page.

  • The lamp should light up in green color if the connection is successful.

Here is a video tutorial of the Wi-Fi configuration process: Watch here.

Step 4.

Open your IFTTT app and link your IFTTT to Moonside Light.

Still need help?

Still need help?

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