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Getting Started

Guide to working with Moonside developer APIs.

NOTE: Please use the developer APIs per instruction. Unexpected errors could occur if the APIs are used incorrectly. Help Center

HTTP Post Request

When your Moonside devices are connected to the Wi-Fi Cloud mode, you can use the HTTP post request to control your devices.

The following URI is the API endpoint to send your post request to:

The request body's Content-Type should be text/plain. The body needs to include all three values: userID, requestAction, and deviceMacAddress.

Request Body Example:

    "userID": "iAPB5U75AxeoIRra7yfPMPX710p9",
    "requestAction": "LEDOFF",
    "deviceMacAddress": "7C:87:CE:C6:17:48"

userID is a unique string ID of your Moonside account. Please sign in to view your userID here. My userID: {{myUID}}

requestAction is the specific action type that you want your light to perform, such as turning on/off and changing colors. Right now there are two actions: LEDON is to turn on your light and LEDOFF is to turn off your light. Our dev team will release more action types soon, please stay tuned:)

deviceMacAddress is the Moonside device's MAC address that you can find under the "Manage Devices" screen in your Moonside app.

Success Request Response:

code:200 body:OK